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Ramcharan Remained So Sincere!

Published: Wed 13th Jul 2016 06:00 PM

Ramcharan Dhruva To Have Just Three Songs

Dhruva To Have Three Songs
Dhruva To Have Three Songs

The biggest problem with Telugu writers and directors is they won’t do the remakes as it is. Trying to add the so called ‘Paithyam,’ they not only dilute original essence but also make some unnecessary amendments finally resulting in a mess. When Ramcharan and Surender Reddy bought forward the idea of remaking Tamil hit flick ‘Thani Oruvan’ in Telugu, many of the Mega Fans were worried.

Apparently, there are more updates coming about progress of this flick with nothing noteworthy changes made to the original script. In fact, heroine glamour and songs are inextricable part of Telugu commercial entertainers. For all those who are more scared on what kind of unessential changes Surender Reddy made into ‘Thani Oruvan,’ here the news is.

‘Dhruva’ is going to have just three songs (excluding title song) which means they are more or less following the original. Tamil composer Hiphop Tamizha is roped for Telugu version in order not to miss the flavor. Anyways, ‘Dhruva’ remaining sincere to original means they are more or less on the target.


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