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Prabhas Into New Business Deals!

Published: Thu 28th Jul 2016 10:53 AM

Prabhas Revenue Sharing Business Deals With UV Creations and Gop Krishna Films

Prabhas New Deals With UV and Gopi Krishna Films
Prabhas New Deals With UV and Gopi Krishna Films

Prabhas is no more a simple Telugu star. His range suddenly took a fly off with ‘Bahubali’ and National wide cinema traders are keeping a tab on him. In fact, all the hard work, dedication and the timely efforts he has put into the making of ‘Bahubali’ are finally paying the result. Instead of using this mileage in the regular form of remuneration, Prabhas is planning something really tactical.

Yes, Prabhas isn’t interested to work for outside producers when he has his own home banners Gopi Krishna Films (belonging to his uncle Krishnam Raju) and UV Creations (belonging to his cousin Pramod). According to information from our own sources, Prabhas has committed a film for UV Creations under Sujeet direction from December and one more for UV, Gopi Krishna Films jointly. For both these films, Prabhas isn’t taking any official salary.

Is he working for free? No, Prabhas will be acting as unofficial production partner because he knew a fact that UV Creations is biggest production house in current Telugu market which can go to any extent in making a film to work at Box Office. Coming to Gopi Krishna Films, everything is within the family matter. Like Mahesh Babu, Ramcharan, Junior NTR etc are accompanying with their home banners, finally Prabhas also stepped into a similar business deal with two of his own banners.


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