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Prabhas and Akhil Contrasting Blunders!

Published: Wed 06th Jul 2016 03:22 PM

Prabhas and Akhil Thinking Differently on Marriages?

Prabhas and Akhil Should Take Best Decisions on Marriages
Prabhas and Akhil Should Take Best Decisions on Marriages

Rana and Manchu Lakshmi’s lesson to hero Akhil about his love story has become the topic in discussion in social media. Not only Rana but also many others felt Akhil is too young to fall in love and thinking about marriage. It is a known news that Akhil revealed that he has been in love with a young lady named Shriya Bhupal. He also looks forward to marry her. However, Akhil is at 22 only. According to the analysts, Akhil should wait at least five more years for his marriage as he would get maturity in thinking and may settle down as a hero in Tollywood by then. In fact, the age group between 26 and 30 is considered to be an ideal age for men to get married. 

Young Rebel Star Prabhas’ story, on the other hand, is contrasting. Prabhas is the most eligible bachelor of Tollywood. He is already in his mid 30s and was late to be married at least five years. If at all he doesn’t contemplate his marriage seriously, his marriage will further be delayed. Apart from his family members, fans are also waiting for Prabhas’ marriage.

All in all, it’s high time Prabhas and Akhil got their mindsets changed on their marriages. Prabhas should be hurried and Akhil shouldn’t be.


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