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Pelli Choopulu


In the wake of young technicians and artists entering the industry, there seems to be an advent of new age cinema. Which is not in the cliched commercial movie bracket. There have been many such instances where some really good short film directors have impressedthe audience and the critics alike with their refreshing take on movies on the large screen. One of them was directed by Sujeeth who once made a short film which impresses one and all and ended up making a wonderful movie ‘Run Raja Run’ with Sharwanand. Then there is Merlapaka Gandhi who made Venkatadri Express and made a stunning entry into the industry. Others like Nag Ashwin who made Yevade Subramanyam with natural star Nani and Ravikanth Perepu who made one of the biggest hits in recent times ”Kshanam”. To this list of new directors making a lasting impact in the telugu films yet another name has been added and that is Tharun Bhaskar.

Story: Having no particular goal or ambition in life, Prashanth(Vijay) is a carefree youngster who likes hanging out with his couple of friends most of the time. But the one thing he likes the most and is passionate about is cooking. But like most of the fathers Prashanth’s father thinks that he will be serious in life in order to achieve something only if gets married. In order to mend his ways Prashanth’s father arranges him marriage with a career oriented girl Chitra(Ritu Varma). But as luck would have it Chitra tells him that she is not interested in getting married now, but wants to start her own food truck business.Though the marriage alliance doesn’t work out, they decide to have a professional partnership, what is it? does the cupid strike between them and will they get married, this is the plot of the movie where the ‘pellichoopulu’ changed the course of their lives.

Analysis :

Performance of Artists:

Vijay Devarakonda made a brilliant impact on the audience with his acting prowess in the movie Yevade Subramanyam. And he shows the promise in this movie too. He does evoke laughter with his slight Telangana dialect. Ritu Varma does a beautiful job portraying the role of an independent woman. Both the leading actors own the characters and the chemistry between them is a feast to the eyes. You tend to remember Uday Kiran’s character from the movie Kalusukovalani as it resembles’s Prashanth’s character and Chitra’s role resembles that of Kamalini Mukerjee from the movie Godavari. And for Nandu this could be his best movie outing so far. Priyadarshi who plays one of the hero’s friends shows some superb comic timing through the movie and also delivers some amazing punch dialogues. Everyone else from the supporting cast has done a good job with no one going overboard at any moment in the film and giving some natural performances.

Technical department:

Music director Vivek Sagar has given some soul stirring songs for the movie. You would not find them out of sync with the movie at any point and they are so good that anyone who hears would feel like humming the tunes. The retro mix and the fusion mix in the background score are one of the prominent highlights of the film. The cinematographer of the movie Nagesh Banell, gave life to each and every scene in the movie. Working in a limited budget, we could say that his work was top notch. He etched every emotion of the movie in the audience’s mind with his stunning camera work. A huge part of the credit for this soulful movie must go to the director Tharun Bhaskar. What an entry he has made into the industry with this refreshing clean entertainer. He has worked wonders while capturing the telugu nativity onscreen. And makes the audience sail through the movie along with the characters in the story.

CineDhol Perspective :

Moving away from a ‘formula’ based cinema, this movie makes a pleasant entry into the league of new age cinema. Like the movies which recently made it big, like Kshanam, this movie also proves that sensible and entertaining movies can be made without the cliched commercial elements added onto it. Though a lot of short film directors cant manage to hold the audiences attention all through the movie, there are a few like the ones we have seen in recent times who are making wonderful cinemas which are also becoming commercial hits. This is a must watch for all of you who want to enjoy a breezy clean family entertainer. This movie will surely appeal to all the Multiplex and theater audience who will surely lap it up for its refreshing tale and elements which will surely stay with them once they leave the theater.

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