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Pawan’s Sensational Comments at UKTA Annual Event

Pawan's Sensational Comments at UKTA Annual Event

Pawan’s Sensational Comments at UKTA Annual Event

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan always stays away from stage shows like Award functions and now, the star visited London to take part in UKTA – United Kingdom Telugu Association 6th Annual Function.

Pawan Kalyan gave a speech on Telugu Traditions in this UKTA, where the actor says that he loves Telugu traditions and that’s why he always concentrates on traditional values in all his movies.

The actor also says that he always likes to have all different slang songs of Telugu cities in his movies. He wanted to show Telugu culture and traditions to the coming generations, so he always wish to maintain all these kind of traditions in his movies.

Pawan also stated that, he will always be ready to elaborate Telugu traditions, as we are seeing the current generation are sticked to the modern lives and forgetting the old traditional values now a days, so he wanted to make every one know about Telugu Traditions and he will be promoting them always.

Even Pawan Kalyan has shocked everyone by saying that, he is feared that, Telugu Traditions are been ignored by many people due to the modern values and livings.

On the other side, the actor met his London fans and has told he will be participating in the coming elections of Greater Visakhapatnam on behalf of his party “Jana Sena”. From the sources its heard that even Pawan has also taken the advice’s of his London fans about his political career.

Now Pawan has shocked everyone by expressing his views about participating in the test trials of coming Greater Visakhapatnam elections.

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