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Newspapers Counter Article Not Impressive

Published: Fri 08th Jul 2016 08:25 AM

Newspaper’s Articles with Full of Lies

Newspaper's Counter Article Absurd
Newspaper’s Counter Article Absurd

As some web media reported many Tollywood’s filmmakers are lacking stories to be made as movies and many genres are missing in the present generation, a number one Telugu Newspaper seems to have come up with a counter article. And the article appeared to have been written as per the directions of one or two actors who do not have good market but are making producers to invest crores of rupees on their projects. That’s why, seniority order was not followed in the article. Meanwhile, the Newspaper says Tollywood faces no drought in stories and every hero has numerous scripts readied for him. However, the Newspaper can’t answer the following questions.

* If stories are readied for him, Why should Megastar Chiranjeevi take such a long gap for the launch of his 150th film? And why has Mega Power Star Ram Charan taken a huge gap after ‘Bruce Lee’?

* Why are Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Prince Mahesh’s new projects getting delayed?

* What about Akhil’s second venture?

* Why should all heroes run after cop stories? Can’t a heroism be elevated without a police station?


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