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Maruthi, Double Trouble!

Published: Mon 04th Jul 2016 09:24 AM

Director Maruthi Troubled With Rojulu Marayi, Babu Bangaram

Maruthi In Trouble - Rojulu Marayi, Babu Bangaram
Maruthi In Trouble – Rojulu Marayi, Babu Bangaram

The well established craze with one film ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy’ is on the verge of getting drained for Maruthi. There are two small reasons which can potentially transform into dangerous situations for this talented writer and director. Yes, we are speaking about ‘Rojulu Marayi’ and ‘Babu Bangaram.’

‘Rojulu Marayi’ is known to Telugu audience more as a Maruthi brand film. When those double entendres, filthy substance and loathsome second half in the movie are panned by critics, the first target made easily available for critics was Maruthi. Obviously, the threats were dangerous as a media section pushed him back to ‘Ee Rojullo, Bus Stop’ times. In one perspective, ‘Rojulu Marayi’ hasn’t done anything good for Maruthi instead defamed him.

Troubles began to double for Maruthi when heroine Nayanathara openly issued a statement on Maruthi and producer Naga Vamsy failed to utilize the call sheets allotted by her for ‘Babu Bangaram.’ A report says, Maruthi is still to wrap up at least a week days of ‘Babu Bangaram’ shooting work for which Nayan presently has no time.  ‘Rojulu Marayi’ opening to unpleasant credits and ‘Babu Bangaram’ release being delayed; Maruthi is in a double trouble.


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