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Less Than 30 Crores, Please Drop!

Published: Wed 13th Jul 2016 07:46 AM

Nithin Looking For A Hit Subject

Nithin Needs Hit, Super Hit Directors
Nithin Needs Hit, Super Hit Directors

Before beginning the debate or discussion on forever young hero Nithin’s exact Box Office potential, it is assumed in film circles that Nithin and his dad Sudhakar Reddy have locked the stamina in 40 Crores club. While everyone knew that Trivikram and Samanta have done the magic in taking ‘A… Aa’ into 50 Crores club, hero Nithin hasn’t understood this yet.

Till date, Nithin hasn’t locked any script and appears to be still in ‘A… Aa’ hang-over. At any cost, he wants to keep up a strong project for the next making sure that his commercial stardom doesn’t step down from ‘A… Aa.’ For this to happen, Sudhakar Reddy is getting in touch with all the star directors. 

Apparently, none of the top directors are idle. Taking a second chance, the father and son are also reportedly hearing scripts from young and fresh talents. But, anything less than minimum 30 Crores prospective, they are simply dropping the proposal. Let’s see, when Nithin’s exploration comes to an end.


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