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Koratala Simply rejects Superstar!

The trailer of Chandrasekhar Yeleti’s upcoming flick Manamantha has been released. The response of the audience does not seem to be positive and the feedback of the audience is negative after watching the teaser and trailers of the flick. The Malayalam superstar Mohanlal learnt Telugu language and has lent his voice for the flick. His voice was dubbed and used for the character in the movie.

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Apart from this, the Malayalam actor Mohanlal has also insisted Janatha Garage filmmakers also to dub his role. But the director of Janatha Garage, Koratala Siva refused to do so though he wasn’t happy with his dialogues as he felt the pronunciations of the words were no clear. He himself observed the drawback while on the sets of shooting. Giving a second thought, the director finally opted to employ a dubbing artist to dub the voice of Mohanlal in the movie. Nobody wants to take the risk and so he producer of the movie also agrees with the thought and it’s decided that the Mohanlal’s voice is dubbed.

Mohanlal is one of the versatile and fine actors in the industry but he is not getting the grip of the accent and he can understand the language Telugu but falls short to pronounce the words and dialogues clearly. The drawback pushed the team for choosing the dubbing artist and nevertheless, the audience is smart enough to make the difference on screen. Dubbing is not a good sign for the movie and the entire dialogues of the movie will look fake. It’s ok to dub few parts of the movie. The superstars like RajniKanth and Suriya never opted for dubbing for TELUGU VERSIONS as they do not want to take any risk from audience and critics.  The movie Janatha Garage will be releasing on September 2nd 2016.

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