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The much awaited film Kabali has hit the silver screen at last. With a fairly young and inexperienced crew led by Directed by Pa . Ranjith produced by kalai puli Kabali has created a lot of frenzy among the fans not only in India but world over. With loads of expectations it released today(i.e July 22nd) in theaters. Lets see how it fared.


Kabaleeshwar (Rajnikanth) is a graduate who migrates to Malaysia. Unable to bear the atrocities of Government on  resident Indians he dons the” Kabali” role. He fights it out and stands as saviour for Indians there. In this endeavour he becomes close to “Sitarama raju”(Nazar) who is supposed to be a guiding force for Indians in Malasyia. Tony (limston chau) and Veera shankar (Kishore) who hate the growth of Kabali conspire and attacks Kabali and his wife Kundanavalli (Radhika Apte). In that tuzzle Kabali gets arrested and is sent to jail, and his wife kundanavalli who is pregnant is kept in the hospital.

After 25years in jail Kabali gets released. And starts his journey to find his wife, What he faces in this journey is the plot of the film

Analysis :

Watching their very own Thalaivar in a stylish avathar makes fans jump up on their chairs. Rajni’s manaresims are thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. Though due to age his fight sequences take a back seat, by and large the whole film rides on Super star Rajnikanth’s shoulders solely.

Except Kishore none need a mention in the antoganist role.

With over dose of comic actions, of “Tony” and “ata kathi Dinesh” in certain scenes which are on serious note,the audiences are left puzzled whether to laugh or feel the emotions

Dhansika who played Kabali’s daughter acted with lot of ease

Radhika Apte’s acting prowess was not used to full at any point in the film.

Techqnical  Depts:

After Rajnikanth if anything is worth a watch in Kabali is Santosh Narayan Music and back ground score. He maintained the tempo well.

G Murali did a good job with camera, but using his lighting pattern didn’t connect well with the audience. In many scenes it looks as if Rajanikanth is over lapping all other actors.

Praveen who is a telugu could not impress with his edit work as it is not up to the mark. For example the Swimming pool scene, were the audience are left to wonder why is it there in the first place.

Wonder what made  Kalai puli splurge money in this project, is it his ambition to do a film with Thalaiva or the story is a big question mark. Rajanikanth should have taken a bit more care in the story line which could have in someway helped the movie otherwise.



CineDhol Perspective :

For a Rajnikanth film his fans come to see only him , that doesn’t mean with lot of his close ups and slow motions fights you can win their hearts

With Rajani acting we need a sensible story too except the first 15mins the rest of the movie doesn’t have any solid impact on the audience. Other than Rajni’s fans, a patient viewer can bear “KABALI”.


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