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Kabali effectRajni Fan saves girl from goons


In a scenario straight out of a movie, Vasanth Paul, an ardent fan of Rajinikant, was returning after watching the first day first show of Kabali, ended up saving a girl from a group of goons. Vasanth chose to come back home after watching the movie on a lesser frequented road as there was a traffic jam on airport road which is the main route. After driving for some time, Vasanth stopped on an empty road. Moments later, he heard the mourns from the open fields nearby. At first he thought it to be a stray animal. But when the woman shouted for help, he rushed to help her.


He called for help from passerby. He was shocked at seeing that three men were attempting to rape a woman. When he intervened, the three men attacked him. One of them punched him, while the another tried to strangle him with a jute rope. Vasanth then recalls that a rickshaw driver saw him being attacked and intervened and three men escaped from the spot. He says that there were no police near the spot and that he and his friends are on the lookout for the culprits. The gitl however managed to escape while the altercation was going on. Vasanth truly turned to be a hero in real life.

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