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Jakkanna Movie Review


Cast: Sunil, Mannara Chopra
Direction: Vamsi Krishna Akella
Producer: Sudarshan Reddy
Music Director: Dinesh
Release date: 29 July, 2016

After the debacle of his last outing at the box office with 'Krishnashtami', Sunil is back with yet another movie in an attempt to entertain the audience. The movie with the tagline stars Mannara Chopra as the female lead and is directed by Vamsi Krishna Akella. One would always like to see Sunil doing comedy again as that is what he is best at and the audience loved seeing him essay role which evoke laughter. After producing one of the big hits in recent times 'Prema Kadha Chitram' this is producer Sudarshan's second outing. Lets find out if this movie could bring back the lost glory of Sunil- the hero.

Story: Jakkanna (Sunil) is a youngster who is influenced by a thought that his father has sowed in him when he was a child. He could go to any extent in order to make someone happy or help those who have helped him in any stage of his life. He always tries to repay the help by leaps and bounds. He enters Vizag in search of a goon named Bhairagi (Kabir). He then faces a lot of tricky situations that he needs to get out of. What does he have to do with him and why is he trying to save the life of Bhairagi and how he falls in love with Mannara is the plot of the film.

Sunil has recently also maintained that he loves doing comedy and that is what interests him most and also that his fans are also saying that he has to get back to such roles.May be Sunil is taking steps towards it now because that is where he would excel. This movie reminds you of that old Sunil with his extraordinary comic timing. Like the movies nuvve nuvve, sontham, nuvvu naaku nachav. Though he worked really hard for the movie some senseless dialogues ruin his hard work. But his dances in all the songs are great. He single handedly carries the film on his shoulders. Saptagiri and 30 years Pruthvi provide some much needed laughter in the film. Mannara Chopra makes an ok debut.  It would have been great if she could have focussed more on the acting part of the movie as well. Kabir Singh also gives a decent performance.

Technical aspects: The music scored by Dinesh does not impress and also does not help the movie in any way. The songs fail to impress you. But he managed to give quite good background music for the film which elevates it at various points during the movie. The production values of the movie are quite good but it would have been better if they have worked more on the story of the movie. The dialogues do provide some much needed laughter and are quite good. The director though starts off with a gripping first half but the dilutes mid way through the movie. He fails to keep up the audience's attention as the suspense part of the movie isnt handled well. The narration tends to be too bland too.

Analysis: Sunil comes back with yet another movie with a promise of entertainment. Though the movie impresses in bits it does not sustain the attention of the audience. It comes across as a cliched routine commercial drama. The movie might not be able to impress the multiplex audiences. The punch dialogues might not impress all but tend to get overboard at times. But it does give you some laughter in some parts of the movie. If you want to just while away your time watching a movie then you could go for it, but make sure you don't expect much from the movie.

Rating: 2/5

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