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Is Puri Targeting PawanISM?

Published: Tue 05th Jul 2016 09:33 AM

Puri New Movie Ism Correlation With Pawanism

Ism For Satirical Attack on Pawanism?
Ism For Satirical Attack on Pawanism?

Puri Jagannath and Pawan Kalyan are not at good terms after the happening of ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu.’ While this is not the exact time to discuss on reasons lying behind the tiff but it is worth to mention on Puri’s new movie title ‘Ism’ announced yesterday and the first look poster released is some or the other way intended to make fun of Pawan Kalyan.

We do know a fact that Pawanism is a term coined by hardcore Power Star Fans based on ideologies followed by Pawan Kalyan. Absolutely there’s no proper definition to ‘Pawanism’ but Fans were frequently using this term in vaguely broad sense while elevating their star hero as something really special and above his contemporary super star heroes.

Pawan is a good humanitarian and man with noble ideals. But, this isn’t enough to call it an ‘Ism.’ Pawan neither practiced nor preached a distinctive philosophy, a typical political ideology and even a quintessential method of living. Anti Fans are foreseeing Kalyanram and Puri’s ‘Ism’ to have a dose of satirical attack on so called newly framed Isms like those of ‘Pawanism.’ Oh my god… Puri’s pen is so sharp at such charging criticism. Let’s see, what’s in the offing… Purism Vs Pawanism…


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