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How Do Stars React on Antis Cry?

Published: Sat 16th Jul 2016 10:33 PM

Stars Reaction Unknown with Antis Jealousy

Stars Reaction on Antis Jealousy Unknown
Stars Reaction on Antis Jealousy Unknown

Tollywood is altogether different film industry from other industries. When we go for a bird’s eye view on all the industries. People in TFI will not just watch movie and go home for entertainment, there is more than that. People love them, adore them, worship them and in a word, they treat their heroes like a god.

On the contrary, heroes have good number of rivals in the form of antis. They, in contrast to fans, abuse and sling mud on heroes whom they dislike. They are not only just confine their criticism on actors but also criticize their family heroes as well.

But then, how do actors react on their antis comments? Analysts have no clarity on Stars’ reaction on antis comments. However, they feel Stars should trust the Telugu saying which goes on ‘Enugu veluthunte kukkalu moruguthayi’. While some more observers take pity on antis. According to them, antis cry on Stars out of their jealousy. So the Stars should make them oozing it out so that antis egos get satisfied to some extent.


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