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Dil Raju Lost Respect For Profits

Published: Tue 19th Jul 2016 08:31 AM

Dil Raju Behind Rojulu Marayi

Dil Raju Fingered In Rojulu Marayi Script
Dil Raju Fingered In Rojulu Marayi Script

Producer Dil Raju’s judgment is hailed as best in the industry. Film circles consider him as a golden hand when it comes to distribution. However, last few films from Dil Raju are making him to lose the prestigious tag. His major share in ‘Rojuly Marayi’ production made people to believe that Dil Raju is keeping morals and ethical values aside running behind money.

‘Rojulu Marayi’ story, screenplay and dialogue version were prepared under the guidance and brand of Maruthi. Later, Dil Raju not only looked after production but also made plenty of changes into screenplay changing the overall flow graph. ‘Rojulu Marayi’ first half had a decent output with surprising elements. Second half suffered ruthlessly. Commercially, the film might have paid but critics panned it.

Dil Raju made major screenplay changes and also fingered into final editing. Maruthi kept quite because he was occupied with ‘Babu Bangaram.’ If enjoying profits was only motto from Dil Raju behind ‘Rojulu Marayi,’ then he achieved it but at the cost of losing respect in film circles.


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