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Chiranjeevi and Mahesh: Thums Up Story!

As we know, Megastar Chiranjeevi did the brand ambassador for Thums Up ad. Years later, Mahesh replaced him in the ad. However, there was an interesting story behind this change which is as follows.

It was 2008. The Center for Science and Environment (CSE) found dangerous levels of pesticides in the samples of some of the cold drinks in their comprehensive study. These contents are higher than the recommended level by the Indian Bureau of Standards. The CSE cautioned the public after their study, that pesticides are mini toxins and even small amount of it can cause serious diseases like cancers and neurological disorders.

Megastar Chiranjeevi was endorsing the major cola product ‘Thums Up’ then. Although samples of many cold drinks got the harmful pesticides, Thums Up was tested and was proved no pesticides in it. Even then there was a hue and cry against Chiranjeevi doing Thums Up commrcial. 

As Chiranjeevi launched PRP a couple of days before, his political rivals got threatened with the craze of Chiranjeevi in politics. As such, they decided to tarnish the clean politician image of Chiranjeevi such a way they cited the reason that the star was campaigning for harmful cola brand. “Jana Vignana Vedika’, a CPM political party’s wing tried to erode Chiranjeevi’s image with the help of the media and pamphlets against Thums Up ad. Ironically, they didn’t target any other beverages except ‘Thums owing to Chiranjeevi’s factor. At last, Chiranjeevi respected the wish of those agitators and gave up doing Thums Up ad. 

As Power Star Pawan Kalyan has already done the job of the brand ambassador of Pepsi, Thums Up has roped in Prince Mahesh as their product’s brand ambassador. Strangely, Jana Vignana Vedika has never gone for any sort of agitations against Mahesh. According to the reports, political and group based factors were responsible for the dual standards of the agitators then.

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