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CBN Cannot Change It in Vijayawada!

Published: Sun 31st Jul 2016 06:46 PM

CBN Should Develop All Cities of AP

Vijayawada and All Other Cities Should Be Developed
Vijayawada and All Other Cities Should Be Developed

The AP CM Chandrababu Naidu might have viewed Vijayawada as his or a group’s adda and has been pumping huge bucks using all of his powers. Citing the reason as Krishna Pushkaralu, the TDP government indulged in taking shocking decisions and implementing the same in the city on war foot basis.

As we know, many ancient temples with historical significance were demolished as part of the the expansion of the roads. And yesterday, the government went overboard removing the former CM YSR’s statue opposite police control room amid resistance and slogans from YSR CP’s activists. On the other hand, hundreds of crores of corruption from Krishna pushkara funds were noticed by the opposition parties. 

People have no regrets for Vijayawada getting developed with huge funds allocated for it. But then, CBN’s negligence on the development of major cities of Rayalaseema, Vizag and others is being viewed seriously by the people. Meanwhile, Vijayawada, Amaravati and surroundings are considered to be the hot areas with maximum temperatures recorded in all seasons. This can clearly be identified getting on a vehicle in Garden city Bengaluru and getting down in Vijayawada. The government needs to implement developmental programs in the cities with cold weather conditions like Vizag and others so that they would be developed, at least, as financial and commercial capitals of AP.


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