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Boyapati Revealed about his Climax Sentiment

Boyapati Revealed about his Climax Sentiment

Boyapati Revealed about his Climax Sentiment

Action specialist Boyapati Srinu has created a sensation in Tollywood with his movies. He used to add interesting elements in a routine story!

If you observe his movies, they will be different from any other movies. Nowadays, even the family audiences are also showing their interest towards his films. Boyapati is famous for High voltage action scenes and big budgeted climax sequences!!

But many people targeted Boyapati about his films!! He replied them by saying that, his films contain emotional scenes which in turn represents action. The audience is connected with the action sequence. He never includes violence scenes unnecessarily.

He revealed about a sentiment which is followed in his films. While developing a script, he never completes the climax sequences. He will complete the climax part during shooting time.

He said that he will take at least 4 months time to develop a script. He will complete all the remaining scenes and he will check the movie once again and then decide whether to increase or decrease the dosage of Climax. He used to follow this custom in every film.

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