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Balakrishna Fans Attacking Him!

Published: Sat 30th Jul 2016 08:48 AM

Prudhvi Spoofs Balakrishna In Jakkanna

Hilarious Balakrishna Spoofs by Prudhvi in Jakkanna
Hilarious Balakrishna Spoofs by Prudhvi in Jakkanna

Balakrishna has a strong Fan following in Telugu states. He carried the proud legacy of father Legendary NTR by developing a peculiar dialogue delivery, building a powerful mass hero image in the process of establishing new Box Office records. However, Balayya became an easy spoofing stuff of late for comedy artists to make fun of his movies.

Yesterday released ‘Jakkanna’ starring Sunil and Mannara Chopra as main leads has a lengthy and hilarious pastiche of Balakrishna performed by 30 years industry Prudhvi. Director Vamsi Krishna Akella exploited Prudhvi’s familiarity to the extreme depth writing extensive scenes on him. ‘Jakkanna’ second half came alive with this spoof entertaining audience but a section of Balakrishna Fans seem to be hurt and attacking Prudhvi for his routine roles.

Prudhvi has become a safe option for producers to run these comedy parodies of Balayya Babu. He has done that several times in past and there’s a danger of such feats getting monotonous if they aren’t toned down. Let us see, whether Prudhvi will stop this kind of roles with ‘Jakkanna’ or not?


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