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All These Genres Missing in Tollywood

85 years of Tollywood’s history witnessed great master pieces of various Genres. The audience of current generation are badly missing the films of various Genres which offered abundant entertainment to the audiences of old generations. Check out the following Genres which are being missed by present day audience. 

MYTHOLOGICAL FILMS: Hundreds of mythological films were made between 1930s and 70s. Mythologies have got no place for the past four decades. 1977’s ‘Danaveerasoorakarna’ was the last big hit of Tollywood. Post DVS Karna, even NTR also could not get a mythological hit. The new generations showed not much interest on mythological entertainers.

HISTORICAL ENTERTAINERS: Comparing with other Genres, historical entertainers have less success ratio. Even then, Gunasekhar’s ‘Rudhramadevi’ got above average result. ‘Gauthamiputra Satakarni’ is the only historical entertainer which is under production now.

FOLKLORE ENTERTAINERS: Folklore entertainers can broadly be divided into two types. They are political folklore films (Baahubali) and folklore films with magic and sorcery content in them. Scarcely, do we see second variety of films these days.

JAMES BOND (GOODHACHARI) FILMS: TFI has got interesting James Bond films like Goodhachari 116, Rahasya Goodhachari, James Bond 777, Goodhachari No.1 etc. Of late no James Bond films are being made. 

COWBOY FILMS: Krishna’s Mosagallaku Mosagadu was the best of all cowboy films of TFI. Megastar Chiranjeevi’s ‘Kodamasimham’ was the last cowboy hit of TFI. Prince Mahesh’ ‘Takkari Donga’ could not live upto the expectations. Gopichand’s ‘Saahasam’ was well made and critically acclaimed. 

DEVOTIONAL ENTERTAINERS: Annamayya and Sri Ramadasu got remarkable victories while Shirdi Sai film was not received well by audience. Nagarjuna is the only hero, who prefers devotional films. He essays Hathiram Baba in upcoming ‘Om Namo Venkatesaya’. 

K VISWANADH’S MARK OF TRADITIONAL DANCE AND MUSIC BASED FILMS: Unfortunately, Telugu filmmakers forgot this excellent genre of films.

JANDHYALA MARK OF COMEDIES: How about every character in a movie has a mannerism and signature style of expression or dialogue? Every Jandhyala’s movie was made with actors having strange characters to generate laughs. Filmmakers, now, have no such great taste of making films.

BALACHANDER’S MARK OF TRAGEDIES: Sorry! no takers and no audience at the moment wish to watch such heavy subjects.

MOVIES WITH DOUBLE MEANING CONTENT: During 80s, a star hero used to act such movies. The movies consisted of provocative characters like ‘Pulusu’ to utter double meaning dialogues. No one wishes to make such B grade films and no audience wants to watch such films with family.

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