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Absent Mind Maruthi Feels Pity!

Published: Tue 26th Jul 2016 10:13 AM

Director Maruthi Comedy In Babu Bangaram

Maruthi Designs Hilarious Comedy Tracks In Babu Bangaram
Maruthi Designs Hilarious Comedy Tracks In Babu Bangaram

The special talent a writer or director has to be possessed with is the ability to get into a written characterization and generate scenes evoking fun, action or emotion. The advantage of being both writer and director in one person is what Maruthi enjoys a stupendous recognition. Those who have watched ‘Babu Bangaram’ trailer and Venkatesh’s hero characterization are finding striking similarities with ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy.’ Why not? 

Here is the simple reason. Maruthi is a director with super sensibilities and a writer with strong hold on comedy. For ‘Bhale Bhale,’ the best job Maruthi has done is to pick the protagonist characterization suffering with absent mindedness. Then Nani’s role freely flowed in providing us quintals of comedy. Now Maruthi designed Venkatesh in ‘Babu Bangaram’ as a soft hearted ACP who feels pity for everything and at everyone.

Now, this pitifulness characteristic shade in Venkatesh will offer us sufficient humor tying it to rest of the story like comedy, romance with heroine Nayanathara and comedy, action with villains. Such good writing abilities in Maruthi are attributing him to grow as a star director.


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