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Why BB and Why Not MD in Foreign Languages?

Published: Wed 29th Jun 2016 05:27 AM

Why Baahubali and Why Not Magadheera Dubbed in Foreign Languages?

Baahubali in Foreign Languages, But Not Magadheera
Baahubali in Foreign Languages, But Not Magadheera

Rajamouli’s ‘Baahubali’ is set for a humongous release in China on 22nd of July. Aggressive promotions are being done by Chinese media. On the other hand, the movie was already dubbed in European languages like German a couple of days ago and got lukewarm response. 

Having seen ‘Baahubali’ being dubbed in Chinese, some of the well wishers of Telugu cinema are hoping movie like ‘Magadheera’ should also be dubbed. But then, ‘Magadheera’ has some limitations to be dubbed into foreign languages. 

Unlike ‘Baahubali’, ‘Magadheera’ is a hero centric film. Hero’s intro action sequence, subsequent foot tapping number ‘Bangaru kodipetta, hero’s punch dialogues, romance, powerful dialogues with villain in war scenes etc. greatly elevate heroism and suits much to the tastes of South audience. ‘Baahubali’, on the otherside, was made as a visual extravaganza. Though it had no specific depth in content, story and heroism, the movie weaved a magic with its astonishing visuals and brand new genre, which also prompted the production team to dub the film in foreign languages. But the million dollar question is that whether the movie lives upto the expectations of Chinese audience? Let’s wait for a few more days to get the answer.


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