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Vamsy Paidipally, Wrong Projection!

Published: Mon 20th Jun 2016 06:07 AM

Vamsy Paidipally Misses Mahesh Babu, Akhil

Vamsy Paidipally Might Have To Wait More
Vamsy Paidipally Might Have To Wait More

Like the famous dialogue in ‘S/O Sathya Murthy’… ‘Manam Bagunnappudu Lekkalu Matladi… Kashtallo Unnappudu Viluvalu Matladakoodadu,’ the situation fits exactly in director Vamsy Paidipally’s case. He was lauded as best among Telugu directors who is changing the phase of film industry when ‘Oopiri’ was running to packed houses. The film enjoyed extra ordinary reviews and mouth talk which actually resulted in decent revenues too.

Real conflict began later on when Vamsy’s decision to step back from Akkineni Akhil’s second film has become breaking news. Reason is pretty much known. He wasn’t willing to direct a Bollywood remake of ‘Yeh Jawani Hain Deewani.’ Instead, Vamsy narrated a fresh, youthful script to Akhil which was denied. Immediately, Mahesh Babu’s name came to the fore and reports also suggested on Vamsy already narrated a story line.

Now, the situation has changed upside down. With Mahesh moving to AR Murugadoss film and Akhil locking Hanu Raghavapudi for next, literally Vamsy Paidipally stood unemployed. This is quite common for star directors to take comfortable gap between their projects. When big heroes are busy with respective films, this obviously happens. Media people finding fault with Vamsy as over confident and wrong in decision making doesn’t really sound right. How can he be wrongly projected? How can a sensitive director (as quoted by the same media for ‘Oopiri’) become so insensitive in less than a month? Definitely, he will not be repenting for what all happened till now…


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