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Upasana’s Tough Task To Charan : Two Weeks Digital Detox Challenge

Upasana’s Tough Task To Charan

Yes from the past two week this couple is on digital detox and this news is spreading all over like a rocket!  . This special therapy was introduce by Upasana ,‘Digital detox’ , is nothing but a kind off challenge where the individual   abstain themselves from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers over that time period. Its not the first time something like this is happening in Tollywood because once in every year they undergo this adventure , though the challenge is daring  bravo charan who loves his wife way much generally agreed upon the challenge.

Upasana's Tough Task To Charan


In the 20th era where normal people would not give up on using electronic application ,why would a super hero do that? Yes ,Everyone must be wondering whats wrong with this lady is she gone nuts, when she knows her husband will be busy with casting schedules and other  commitments ,its very difficult to undergo this therapy but do not take  her in a wrong because, she is doing this so  that charan can reduce stress social interaction in the physical world and it also aids  better human relationship as per researches  and moreover its very good for the health because too much screen time can increases the risk twice of being hospitalized ,and besides upasana is a health conscious as she comes from medical background .She just want charan to lead a healthy life ,by implementing this special therapy she is able to take much care of charan’s health and i am pretty sure everyone must have gave a thought for once that  Upasana  is doing this stuff just to get into the limelight but i am pretty sure after reading the content you got a conclusion.

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