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Trivikram Bigger Than Rajamouli?

‘Baahubali’s stupendous success made Rajamouli to reaching pinnacle of his career. However, it doesn’t mean he would be the solo Number One director of Tollywood. As per the following analysis, Trivikram appears to be no lesser than Rajamouli.

RAJAMOULI                                                                     TRIVIKRAM

———————————-                                         ————————————        

1. Needs hundreds of crores for an industry hit. (BB) 1. No need of too much budget for IH

                                                                                      (Atharintiki Daredi)

2. Needs too much media publicity for every film.      2. Ordinary publicity like other films is

                                                                                       enough for a hit.

3. Depends too much on technique and graphics.      3. Depends on his special skill, the pen

                                                                                        power (dialogues)

4. Takes too much time to finish a film.                    4. Maintains ideal duration to complete a


5. Sometimes heroism is missing.                               5. Heroism is respected.

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