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Thriller Became A Driller!?

Published: Sat 18th Jun 2016 09:45 AM

Is Nani Gentleman, A Thriller?

Indraganti Fails To Thrill Us In Nani Gentleman
Indraganti Fails To Thrill Us In Nani Gentleman

Telugu film industry’s rigidity in moving with the world cinema’s ongoing best trends is pretty much known to all of us. We have struck in a commercial web where story and script have to mandatorily follow a formula. Anything beyond this or breaking this formula is considered as a sin. Though some of our directors and producers give half cooked attempts now and then, much of them go without any recognition because such experiments rarely come from established banners.

For example, PVP has gone to quite a bit of extreme in making ‘Kshanam’ or ‘Oopiri’ which should be well appreciated. Adopting a similar thriller trend, the yesterday released ‘Nani Gentleman’ has surely failed to fall in either an exciting basic thriller zone or a feel good romantic area. Director Indraganti appears to have muddled in blending romance with thriller. 

While Indraganti remained a better director in treating the romance between Nani and Surabhi, Niveda Thomas; he wasn’t the same in second half. Except Nani’s awesome performance in pre climax and climax episodes, ‘Gentleman’ is not a thriller but it’s a driller in our brains with numerous loop holes in scripting and a faint narration.


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