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Supreme Review – Supreme Movie Review And Rating :  Sai Dharam Tej Much Awaited Movie Supreme Expectations are Gigantic. Can Supreme Set the Box Office Ablaze ? Let’s check out Supreme Movie Review ! Megastar’s nephew Saidharam Tej is looking forward to seal some back to back victories such that his position in Telugu Industry will get cemented. Running with hype due to presence of Anil Ravipudi whose debut is a hit, “Supreme” arrived today. Let’s see how the film is.



Rich and cruel Vikram Sarkar (Kabir Duhan Singh) occupies the mighty palace like Jagruthi Foundation and thousand of acres of land being led by Saikumar. To solve the issue, Judges gives 30 days time to bring real heir and submit original documents of this trust land. Meanwhile, Balu (Saidharam) is a cab driver living happily and falls flat for police inspector Bellam Sridevi (Raashi Khanna). During his love tryst with Sridevi, Balu meets an orphan kid named Rajan. Suddenly some goons attack Balu and snatch away Rajan. What is the connection of all these guys with Vikram Sarkar and Jagruthi Trust is the rest of story.

Analysis :



Saidharam Tej has becoming routine with his performance. There is nothing new in the characterisation and he looks pretty same like he is in Subramanyam For Sale and Pilla Nuvvuleni Jeevitham. Though he improved his comic timing, this time dances looked boring and fights also usual.

Rashi Khanna tried her hand at comedy, but all other comedians in the scene like Raghubabu and Vennela Kishore have dominated her. They haven’t given her enough chance to excel and clouded with their perfect timing. She looked glamorous in just one song and other songs have just passed. Satyam Rajesh brought few laughs, while JP and Raghu also clicked. It’s 30 years Prithvi and Prabhas Seenu, who clicked in Pataas earlier together, has brought huge laughs now as Tom and Cruise. Posani and Srinivas Reddy as Sannayi brothers brought few more laughs.

Racegurram fame villain, Bhojpuri actor Ravi Kishan has dominated the show in second half with his superb comedy timing and body language. Jil fame Kabir Duhan Singh looked stylish but didn’t had much scenes to perform.



Director Anil Ravipudi made sure that he will come up with comedy sequences exactly equal to the ones he penned for Pataas. Though he balanced the comedy by emulating each of Pataas scenes here, what’s missing is the story. How come a beaten to death story like finding the real heir of a big palace for the sake of people sounds new? In a bid to deliver hit, Pataas director got good comedy scenes, but nice performances and logically impressive scenes are missing.

Sai Sriram’s cinematography is a treat to watch but it lacked continuity in many scenes. Sai Kartheek’s background score is good but songs are not interesting. Only the remix song composed by Raj-Koti ‘Andam Hindolam’ stood top pick of the film. All other departments have done okay.


CineDhol Perspective :


First half comedy

Andam Hindolam song


Weak story

Not so clicking songs

Boring second half

Silly and simple climax


If one film clicks, then there will be many films following that pattern. Here in “Supreme”, director Anil Ravipudi himself followed the pattern of his debut film “Pataas” all the time. There is heroine teasing episode in Pataas, the same is here. Hilarious comedy track of Prithvi and Prabhas Seenu is there in Pataas, and similar one in Supreme too. A special comedy scene with mothers is there in Pataas second half and similarly we have a hide-n-seek game scene in Supreme second half. A remix song there, a remix song here. But a blockbuster result there, and it may not repeat here. Why? How? Who? Where? !?@#?

Actually the film starts on interesting note, yet again, with a pretty known setup of a rich goon grabbing the lands of a trust. And when film shifts to cab driver Balu, one expects some fireworks. But his ‘Death Race’ movie inspired car and the way he beats anyone to nuts if they honk on the back of his car aren’t convincing. Neither the special song with Pataas heroine Shruti Sodhi is likeable. This routine story makes us laugh only when Bellam Sridevi  and her family takes centre stage. Those scenes have brought the roof down. And the kid who has done Rajan role stole the whole show. But with expected twists like goons coming to snatch away kid, interval turns sloppy.

Post interval, the film has turned boring due to routine scenes. Also the whole film turning like a chasing the kidnappers/goon kind of setup hasn’t evinced any interest. Some comedy pieces blown by Posani and Srinivas Reddy brought few laughs, but the scenes are not convincing. And then, our hero rescuing the kid and the whole problems of him sounded cliche. There are some scenes like the kid blowing horn and in a flash back episode where the kid holds India’s flag, that are really mind blowing. But after boring audiences for a long time, these small energy shots won’t help much. What brought full energy in the house back is Andam Hindolam song and the visuals of Megastar Chiru from Bruce Lee and Pawan from Sardaar. And the fight of handicapped body builders is kick ass. But climax upsets yet again.

A cab driver going on a mission is like watching Khaleja again, but this time we have two villains instead of one and many comedy scenes to pass the plate. But the failed logics, uninteresting screenplay and cliched performances from actors created boring moments. A perfect repetition of Pataas-like frame work isn’t also exciting. On a whole, the film will end up as a pretty average grosser at box office due to holidays factor.

Final words: Supreme, this is not a smooth cab!!


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