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Sri Sri Movie Review and Rating: Superstar Krishna has come up with routine story, yet he has rocked the screen with his performance.

Sri Sri Movie Review and Rating: Superstar Krishna has come up with routine story, yet he has rocked the screen with his performance.

Sri Sri Movie Review and Rating: Superstar Krishna has come up with routine story, yet he has rocked the screen with his performance.

Sri Sri Movie Rating: 2.5 /5

Director : Muppalaneni Siva

Producer : Saideep Chatla

Here are casts of Sri Sri Movie…


Vijay Nirmala,


Angana Rai,

Sai Kumar,

L B Sriram,

Murali Sharma,

Posani Krishna Murali,


The daring and dashing hero Superstar of Tollywood is none other than Krishna, the actor has started his career in acting form 1965 and since then, he has created many records and also introduced many new technologies in Telugu Film Industry. The actor has successfully completed his 50 years of acting and now he is coming back to the silver screen with the flick “Sri Sri”. All the die hard fans of Krishna are eagerly waiting to watch their hero on big screens.
Today the comeback movie of Superstar Krishna, “Sri Sri” was released grandly i.e., on 3rd June 2016 and now lets check the review of “Sri Sri”.

Sri Sri Movie Review :

Sri Sri Movie Story:

The story starts with the voice over of Superstar Mahesh Babu. Our Yesteryear Superstar Krishna makes his entry as Sreepada Srinivasa Rao alias Sri Sri, where he is the retired professor of law.

Sri Sri enjoys his retired life happily along with his wife and children, where he has one daughter Swetha ( Angana Roy) and his son Vishnu and his wife. Swetha is a journalist, she works in Spy Tv.

Swetha was inspired from her father, the way he gives justice and works hard in getting out the truth and helps the needy. Based on this inspiration, Swetha opted Journalism.

In her work front, she comes across a drug company JK Druga, which was running in the tribal area Pothurajugudem. The company’s aim is to pollute the water in the streams and the tribal people who consume these polluted water, suffered from a disease and ultimately die..

Swetha with the help of Suranna (where the dialogue king Sai Kumar has done this role) fight against the J K Bharadwaj (Murali Sharma) and Dr Bikshapathi (Posani Krishna Murali). Swetha collects all the proofs against their illegal activities, where all the footage of the JK Druga company are with her.

Sadly, Swetha gets killed in front of the Sri Sri eyes. They are killed by Rahul, Akash and Vicky, who are the sons of JK and Bikshapathi . Later Sri Sri files the case against this incident, but fails to get justice due to the money power from the opposite team.

Then Sri Sri decides to take revenge on the people who are the reason for his daughter’s death. How Sri Sri takes revenge over JK group? And how will he get justice to her daughter?? forms the rest of the story.

Artists Performance:

Krishna – Superstar Krishna is back as main lead after a long gap. He looks great on screen and has delivered stunning performance. We really have to appreciate the actor’s come up with a revenge story at this age.

Murli Sharma – He looks as a perfect antagonist and carried away his role in an outstanding way.

Naresh – In this flick Naresh is seen as a cop, where he has done a good job and perfectly fit into the cop role.

Posani Krishna Murali – The actor did a fine job in his role and the actor impresses the audiences with his own style of acting.

Sai Kumar – Sai Kumar is seen as a revolutionary person in this flick and has given awesome performance.

The remaining cast and crew have given their best in the supporting roles.

Plus Points:

Krishna’s look on sliver screen

Some good dialogues


Minus Points:

Same old drama

predictable story

Screenplay could have handled in a better way



Director Muppalaneni Siva has come up with the same old simple story, where one could easily predict what will be happen next. While coming to Superstar Krishna, he looks pretty cool over the screen and his on screen presence is awesome. He has delivered some of his trademark dialogues for his fans. Vijay Nirmala has done an okay job but looks like her expressions are out dated.

While coming to the technical team, Satheesh Muthyala has given some eye-catchy visuals which stood as one of the highlight in the movie. Makers has come up with some rich production values and the editing work of the movie is okay.

Verdict: One time watcher.

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