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Sardaar Gabbar Singh Movie Review : The Most Awaited Pawan Kalyan SGS Movie Review. The Sardaar Gabbar Singh Movie Expectations are Gigantic.  Let’s check out Sardaar Gabbar Singh Review : It took 3 years for Pawan Kalyan to come up with a proper film after lots of dillydallying. And with the kind of promotion everyone has made, surely “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” carried much hype than the makers actually wanted to create. Chiranjeevi and Pawan’s speeches at audio launch, Pawan’s special interviews to media houses from Bollywood— have all pushed the hype to maximum. Is the film living up to it?



Sardaar Gabbar Singh (Pawan) is transferred from Hyderabad to border villager Rattanpur where dreaded Raja Bhairav Singh (Sherad Khelkar) happens to be ruthless ruler of the land who is exploiting villages for the sake of mines beneath them. In the same village, there is Maharaja Sansthan whose lone successor Princess Arshi (Kajal Agarwal) is waiting for someone to rescue her troubled palace. After disturbing Bhairav’s business, Sardaar disturbs his personal life too by falling in love with Arshi. So, what happens to this Sardaar-Arshi clash is rest of the film.

Analysis :



What to say about Pawan Kalyan? His mannerism, charm and presence itself creates exciting energy in each scene. Though there is no depth in many scenes, Pawan’s comedy timing and one-man-show are impressive. Also the way he imitated Chiru’s dance steps and few of his big brother’s expressions is amazing to watch. However, slowly Pawan is also becoming another Rajnikanth in the process.

Kajal fits the role well as a princess, but there is no emotional depth for her character. She just flashes her navel and waist in each scene, whether needed or not. In songs, she looked pale and sounded like nearing retirement. Sherad Khelkar as a villain is impressive and no doubt he is here to stay. Ali’s comedy punches didn’t worked, so is Brahmi who has misfired once again. Mukesh Rushi is okay. Other Jabardasth gang comedian, noted faces like Jil villain Kabir Singh are just there on screen, but not even uttered a dialogue.


Story-Screenplay writer Pawan Kalyan made sure that he will deliver the same “Gabbar Singh” with a new backdrop. Sardaar coming to a new town, shocking goons with his muscle and gun power, teasing a beautiful heroine, villain trying to marry that heroine, a dancing-sequence (read antyakshari scene) are all similar to Gabbar Singh. After writing the story for nearly three years, is this what Pawan wrote? Oh my God, it’s tough to believe. Had he watched Gabbar Singh DVD once, this story could be written in just 1 day.

One fails to understand what did director KS Ravindra (Bobby) understood about the film’s script and emotion as the whole plot sounds disjointed. In every scene, there is only Pawan visible but director’s hallmark is missing. Much is expected from dialogues of Saimadhav Burra, but his gun fired like a Diwali toy gun. Couple of political dialogues like “Kapu kasetappudu kulam avasram ledu.. Kaani pillanu ivvalantey addochinda?” are impressive. Cinematography by Arthur Wilson and Andrew is good. Devi Sri Prasad’s songs haven’t created much impact, but his background score is okay at parts.


CineDhol Perspective :


Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan


Poor story

Lags in total film

Dragged second half

Failure of comedy scenes


“Sardaar” is not an unique story written by Pawan Kalyan, it’s the very same story what many has done including himself in “Gabbar Singh”. However, Pawan managed to get his character appear in each and every scene with similar charm and attention grabbing. In that process, he missed a point that a good story is needed first.

Film starts with a bang, as Sardaar is introduced in a stylish fight. But the fight itself proves that we’re going enjoy a masala treat from Pawan Kalyan but not anything fresh. The graph of hero is maintained too low with comedy and romance scenes in first half. That builds us an excitement that Pawan will rock in the interval with marvellous action and twists. But there is only plenty of bloodshed kind of scenes, nothing hair rising and spine chilling.

By the time second half arrives, already the villain is projected as a weak guy before hero, so what could he achieve now? Suddenly he strips Sardaar of his uniform through legal power and those scenes doesn’t sound new at all. Just before the climax, Pawan has upped the graph by dancing for his brother’s veena step and also the Shankardada MBBS bit. With story dented in second half, audiences will get maximum bored, but will surely wait in seats to catch Pawan performing veena step. A routine climax ends the film, also giving a hint of third sequel of the film.

While there is no brilliance in story and screenplay, there is no such talent in the direction of Bobby too. That’s clearly visible in the film. Fans might enjoy Pawan’s dances, shy-acting and punch dialogues but other audiences will feel difficult to pass the 163 minutes run time. Box office collection will depend on Pawan’s stamina, probably Summer holidays are throwing in some advantage.

Final words: Gabbar Singh.. Gabbar Singh.. Sardaar ‘Average” Singh!!


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