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Right Right

Young hero Sumanth Aswin, son of M. S. Raju the producer stepped into the filed as a hero, through the movie Tuneega Tuneega. He also acted in the youthful movies like ‘Anthaka Mundu Aa Tarvatha’, ‘Lovers’, ‘Chakkiligintha’, ‘Kerintha’ and ‘Columbus’. His movie ‘Right Right’ which is the remake of Malayalam movie ‘Ordinary’, hit the theaters today. Here is the review of this movie.

Story Line:

The story mainly revolves around a bus that brings passengers up and down from Srungavarapukota to Kaviti, driver(role played by Prabhakar) and the conductor(Sumanth Ashwin) who are in charge of the bus. The relationship between the driver and the conductor is beautifully showed. The village they stay is a beautiful place and Nassar happens to live there too. Nassar brings up the daughter of his friend along with his son.There is another boy who lives in Nassar’s home along with them.

The hero falls in love with a girl(Pooja Jhaveri) who travels in the bus in which the hero is the conductor. On the other hand, Nassar has in his mind, to get his friend’s daughter to get married to his son itself. The other man in the house who is madly in love with the girl in Nassar’s house gets frustrated with this.

In between, the sudden death of Nassar’s son leads to chaos. How and why did Nassar’s son die? What connection does it make between the bus driver Prabhakar, Conductor Sumanth, and the death is the twist in the tale.

Analysis :

Roles and performances:

Sumanth Ashwin, the young hero has delivered a fair justice to his role. He seems to be very handsome and also has given his best. He appears cute in the role of a conductor. Prabhakar who was immensely praised for his nefarious role in Baahubali as Kaalakeya has attempted a very different genre. This is definitely a very good attempt by him. The bondage between Prabhakar and Sumanth Ashwin is beautifully showed.

Heroine Pooja Zhaveri who stepped into the industry through Bham Bholenath is the heroine. Her role is not much highlighted. Within the very limited role, she has done a fair job.

As usual, Nassar’s role is the key role in this movie. He has done justice to his role to the fullest. All the other actors Vinodh, Thagubothu Ramesh, Dhanraj, Jeeva, Bharath Reddy and Shakalaka Shankar etc. justified their roles too.

Technical Aspects:

The movie seems to be monotonous, with no freshness. Every scene appears to be a drag and fails to captivate. There is no proper plot and directorial flaws are evident in every scene. Shekar V. Joseph who is in charge of cinematography has not worked up to the expectations. Editing by S.B.Uddhav is one of the biggest flaws in the movie. The music by JB failed to sync with the story and the dialogues are not conveying.

Plus Points:

Nassar’s acting

Prabhakar and Sumanth Ashwin’s roles

Shakalaka Shankar’s comedy.

Minus Points:

Boring screenplay

No sync between the music and storyline

Weak narration which fails to excite

Poor editing

No so promising production values.


CineDhol Perspective :

A poor remake of a super hit movie. A very bad attempt by the team. It is a mere wastage of talent (Nassar, Prabhakar, Sumanth Ashwin). Fails to impress the viewers in all the ways.

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