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Ramya Krishna Worried About Husband!

Published: Thu 16th Jun 2016 11:09 AM

Ramya Krishna Worried About Krishna Vamsy Form

Ramya Krishna Praying For Krishna Vamsy
Ramya Krishna Praying For Krishna Vamsy

Stardom and unavailability of time seldom roots up problems to disturb celebrities in family life. When husband and wife hail from the same glamour field, there’s more probability for distraction. Of course, director Krishna Vamsy and talented artist Ramya Krishna should be called a happy couple because they haven’t faced any such disruptions in family life despite both of them are busy with respective careers.

Sivagami bought in a new market demand for Ramya and she is signing the deals on selective basis. In contrast, Krishna Vamsy isn’t in bright form. His last two films bombed miserably. Later, the golden opportunity of working with Balakrishna on 100th film and a project on Dil Raju banner were missed by a whisker. Ramya is said to be stationed in Chennai along with their boy and is a little worried of late on husband Krishna Vamsy losing the creative genius status.

‘He had longest vision span like Rajamouli conceptualizing ‘Bahubali.’ One right film will bring him back into glory,’ Ramya Krishna reportedly discussed about Krishna Vamsy with one her close aides. ‘Nakshatram’ is the present assignment before Krishna Vamsy and hopefully, Ramya’s words on her husband come true this time. Those who know KV’s caliber cannot doubt on his craftmanship.


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