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Rajamouli had a dream to become an actor

When it comes to dreams, even the sky is not the limit. After all what’s wrong in dreaming? So, all of us have some or the other dreams. Some dreams might get fulfilled, while for some it might just remain a dream forever, because it might not be possible to get it fulfilled or your fate might have some different plans for your dreams. And such dream thing has happened with a famous director, SS Rajamouli.

Rajamouli dreamed of becoming as an actor, but landed up as a director and no doubt in that, he is one of the finest directors of Tollywood industry. We came to know about this unspoken dream of Rajamouli at an event of his cousin. The director himself spoke about his dreams at the launch of his cousin, SS kanchi’s movie, Show time. This movie has Randheer Reddy and Ruksaar Mir as lead roles.

Rajamouli had a dream to become an actor

So let me tell you some information about Rajamouli’s family background: most of his family members are technicians by profession, as in his elder father, Siva Shakti Dutta is a lyricist, his father, Vijayendra Prasad is one of the famous writer and director, his cousin MM Keeravani is a music director and his other cousins are music composers. Also during the launch of teaser she spoke his heart out:

“When I was young I dreamed to become an actor. I always used to pray god for my dream to come true. When I revealed my biggest wish to my brother Kanchi, I thought he would scold me. But he advised me to go Chennai to test my luck in films. That’s how I went Chennai. So, my brother is my guiding force”

Well with this I can conclude, whatever happens happens for a reason because if Rajamouli had become an actor we would not have got such a great director. Isn’t it? Do let us know what you think about it in the comments section.

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