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Political Forces Working Against Pawan!

Published: Tue 21st Jun 2016 06:57 AM

Negative Rumours On Pawan Kalyan Next Film

Yellow Media Begins Chasing Power Star
Yellow Media Begins Chasing Power Star

Pawan Kalyan isn’t a greedy person like many of the star heroes and top directors who always run behind money. One quality in Pawan which made him a darling of many hearts is simplicity and helping nature. There were many occasions from the past when Pawan helped the needy. His elder brother Naga Babu can be quite a bit of standard example. However, Power Star’s entry into politics distancing from Chiranjeevi and establishing Jana Sena made him a political rival for opposition in Andhra Pradesh.

In fact, yellow media backing those parties is continuously maligning Pawan for no good reason. Even this time, when SJ Suryah is replaced by Dolly for Pawan’s upcoming flick on North Star Entertainment banner, some awkward stories were published. There’s no big brain storming needed. Pawan is the key personality helped Chandrababu Naidu to gain the power in last elections. He can always be a potential threat for next elections too. Whenever, there’s a chance to suppress him, they aren’t leaving the space.

SJ Suryah is so close to Pawan and his ex-wife Renu Desai. This friendship is going on from years. There’s no single strong reason to establish a rift between Pawan, Suryah. However, when politically biased and their supporting media forces are at work, these gossips never end.


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