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Pencil Telugu Movie Review and Rating: A Mysterious Murder in the School

Pencil Movie Review and Rating: A Mysterious Murder in the School

Pencil Movie Review and Rating: A Mysterious Murder in the School

Pencil Movie Rating: 3/5

Director: Mani Nagaraj

Producer: S. P. Ragavesh

Music Director: G.V.Prakash Kumar

Here are casts of Pencil film…

G. V. Prakash Kumar

Shariq Hassan

VTV Ganesh


T. P. Gajendran

Abhishek Shankar

Ravi Prakash

Balaji Venugopal


Priya Mosh

Pencil Movie Review:

Pencil Movie Story:

Pencil story is based on a school scenario. It is a suspense thriller. It is a simple story about school life. But an incident changes the total school environment.

We used to spend our school life happily.. It could be either teasing the other students, friendship with new students, Teachers, sports, cultural etc.This movie goes on with the same scenario. Sri Divya and GV Prakash Kumar are the main leads in this film. These two are the two students, who belongs to same class.

Coming to the story details, Shiva (GV Prakash) is a student belongs to 12th Class who is a brilliant student in the class. Maaya (Sri Divya) is also in the same class. He falls in love with Maaya. Some days passed!! Nithin(Shariq Haasan) joins the school. His father is a big star. Nithin used to tease the girls. He became a headache for the girl students as well as Teachers.

But unexpectedly, he will be murdered in the school. Urvashi and her staff comes to school to investigate this murder mystery. Shiva and Maaya also starts the investigation from their side. Who murdered him? Will they found out the truth? Forms the rest of the story.

Artists Performance:

GV Prakash Kumar is a Music Director turned actor. In this film Prakash performed very well. Especially he has done a fantastic job while investigating the mysteries.Sri Divya acted in many films. But in this film, she acted in unique role. She looks gorgeous especially in songs.Veteran Actress Urvashi acted very well. Her authoritative body language has impressed the audience.
Abhishek Shankar, Ravi Prakash, Balaji Venugopal, Rahman,Priya Mosh acted well in their characters. Shariq Haasan performed very well. He resembles Raghuvaran who has unique acting skills.

Plus Points:

The film is quite interesting and makers approached the audience in a novelist way. The narration remembers the Novel pattern. Artist Performance, Background score and Gripping climax is the major highlights for the film.

Minus Points:

Some logical errors has occurred in the film. Some songs disturbed the flow of the story. Divya’s character is a big question. At first she hated the hero suddenly she becomes close !!


The experiment of Mani Nagaraj through Pencil, succeeded at the box office. It’s a romantic and Suspense entertainer. Mani Nagaraj narrated the story very well. Prakash and Divya performed very well in their characters. Music Score is given by GV Prakash. Thumping Background Score, Twists in the story are the main highlights of the film. Makers maintained the suspense through out the end. Climax is very gripping.

Verdict: Suspense Thriller for this Weekend.

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