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Pawan Lambasted in Kapu Secret Meets!

Published: Wed 15th Jun 2016 10:05 PM

Pawan Criticized in Kapu Youth Meets!

Pawan Kalyan Targeted by Kapu Youth
Pawan Kalyan Targeted by Kapu Youth

The AP Government has successfully axed the agitation launched by Mudragada Padmanabham using its police powers and media management. However, the government couldn’t break the unprecedented unity being exhibited by Kapus across the coastal districts at the moment.

As the Police Department is going overboard with their patrolling in every village of East Godavari, no way there were the chances of public meets and turnouts.. However, it is heard that they are gathering in secret places to share their views on TDP government’s rivalry on Kapus and its media control. It is also learnt that they have come down heavily on Power Star Pawan Kalyan, who has been tight lipped on Kapu movements. 

The Kapu youth are gossiped to have been shocked with Pawan Kalyan denying the support to the movement as per Chandrababu’s direction. It’s really an alarming situation for Pawan Kalyan to react either positively or negatively on the issue to avoid the ambiguity. Meanwhile, it is heard that close sources of Pawan Kalyan are spreading the gossips that Pawan Kalyan would meet Mudragada soon. Nevertheless, these gossips are spread to pacify the protesters. But nothing of that sort, what they have hoped, is happening.


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