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Oka Manasu Live Updates

Oka Manasu Live Updates

Oka Manasu Live Updates

Date & Time: 11.35 A.M. 24th June 2016

Stay tuned for the complete movie review!!

Date & Time: 11.30 A.M. 24th June 2016

Very emotional climax… Some wrenching scenes are going on!!

Date & Time: 11.20 A.M. 24th June 2016

A very interesting twist is going on. The movie is heading towards a climax.

Date & Time: 11.00 A.M. 24th June 2016

The movie turned to political dimension.

Date & Time: 10.55 A.M. 24th June 2016

Naga Shourya and Niharika is having a nice conversation. They both are acting very well

Date & Time: 10.45 A.M. 24th June 2016

Another twist is taking place!! A small problem in the love story!

Date & Time: 10.35 A.M. 24th June 2016

Vennela Kishore makes his entry. Some comedy scenes are going on. Conversation between Naga Shourya and Vennela Kishore are simply super!!

Date & Time: 10.25 A.M. 24th June 2016

Time for another song…. Locations are quite good!!

Date & Time: 10.15 A.M. 24th June 2016

Political scenes are going on. Nagineedu makes his entry!!

Date & Time: 10.05 A.M. 24th June 2016

Gripping scene is going on!! It’s time for Interval

Date & Time: 9.55 A.M 24th June 2016

Another twist is going on !!

Date & Time: 9.45 A.M 24th June 2016

Some scenes between Rao Ramesh and Naga Shourya are going on!!

Date & Time: 9.35 A.M 24th June 2016

A small interesting twist!!

Date & Time: 9.30 A.M.24th June 2016

it’s time for first song, Hrudayam!! Simple and wonderful locations!!

Date & Time: 9.20 A.M. 24th June 2016

Srinivas Avasarala and Pragathi have made their entries. A movie is heading towards the flashback. The love story begins…

Date & Time: 9.15 A.M. 24th June 2016

Niharika makes her simple entry. She is looking good…

Date & Time: 9.10 A.M. 24th June 2016

Naga Shourya makes his simple entry from Jail.

Date & Time: 9.05 A.M. 24th June 2016

The movie has just now started

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