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Niharika, Braver Than Mega Heroes!

Published: Sat 25th Jun 2016 09:25 AM

Konidela Niharika Shines In Oka Manasu

Watch Oka Manasu Just For Konidela Niharika
Watch Oka Manasu Just For Konidela Niharika

At a time when heroines are just observed as glamour dolls with real no big purpose in stories and scripts, unfamiliarly do we come across characters like Sandhya portrayed by Konidela Niharika in ‘Oka Manasu.’ Above the commercial appreciation, this film should surely win critical applause for Niharika. In fact, critics haven’t touch Niha in their opinion sharing. Everywhere, they went on praising Niharika for picking a courageous character in the very debut film.

Apparently, Mega heroes more than half a dozen are too rigid in their story and director selection respectively. Few of them like Ramcharan, Sai Dharam Tej aren’t coming out of commercial web. But, Niharika showed them a new way to register the name and fame. Without disclosing much about Sandhya characterization here, for sure she was pure and innocent.

Without getting lured by commercial scripts, Niha should continue her good work in choosing more projects like ‘Oka Manasu.’ Long way to go… hope Niha makes her family and Mega Fans feel proud.


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