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Nani’s Gentleman Live Updates

Nani's Gentleman Live Updates

Nani’s Gentleman Live Updates

Actor Nani who has recently received a good hit with the movie “Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha” in February, is once again hitting the screens today with the movie “Gentleman”. From the trailer and the posters, we understood that, Natural Star Nani is going to show some multiple shades in this movie. In this movie, the actor is going to romance Surabhi and Nivetha Thomas.

Now lets watch the Live Updates of Nani’s Gentleman from the First Day First Show:

11.40 AM: All the suspense= in the movie are known and the movie came to an end.

11.35 AM: All the twists in the tale are revealed, Nani is carrying his role excellently.

11.23 AM: One of the interesting tale is opened and movie is moving towards the climax.

11.15 AM: Some engaging scenes are taking place between Nani and Avasarala Srinivas, many suspense in the tale are out now.

11.08 AM: Its time for a suspense filled song.

11.05 AM: The movie has moved into interesting mode, another twist in the tale is taking place.

10.58 AM: Some amazing suspense scenes are taking place between Nani and Surabhi.

10.55 AM: Movie is now shifted to thriller side.

10.50 AM: Now some hilarious scenes are going on between Vennela Kishore and Satyam Rajesh.

10.45 AM: Vennela Kishore makes his entry as a Boss, he is hilarious in his role.

10.35 AM: Now its time for a wedding song and the movie is going on in a speed space.

10.30 AM: After a small break, the movie has shifted to serious mode, some suspense scenes are taking place.

10.15 AM: The interval bang was superb and the twist in the tale is the main highlight in this movie, now its time for small break.

10.00 AM: The interesting twist in the story is on and the interval bang is about to happen.

9.50 AM: Here comes the melody Chaligali Chuddu…the cinematography is shot well in Kodaikanal.

9.40 AM: The movie has shifted to Kodaikanal, some hilarious scenes are taking place between Nani and Surabhi.

9.35 AM: Now, the story moves on to another love story, featuring Cute actress Surabhi.

9.30 AM: Its time for first song  Alajadi…! Nani and Nivetha’s onscreen chemistry is good.

9.25 AM: Some romantic moments are going on between Nani and Nivetha.

9.20 AM: Natural Star Nani’s simple introduction scene is going on, its very funny and he falls in love at first sight with Nivetha.

9.13 AM : The female leads of the movie Surabhi and the Malayalam Beauty Nivetha Thomas have made their entry together in flight.

9.10 AM : Mani Sharma has come up with thumping music in the background, the titles of the movie are rolling in serious mode.

9.05 AM: The movie started and the run time of the movie is 144 minutes.

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