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Nagarjuna Unhappy With Akhil!?

Akkineni Naga Chaitanya and Samanta are in love. The matter is open and there’s no need for cross discussions. A formal announcement on their engagement and marriage is awaited for. As and when Nagarjuna makes it official on Chaitu, Sam relation in next few days; the line can be called clear for Akhil, Shriya Bhupal too. 

This is termed as a master stroke with perfect timing from Akhil because when Nag, Amala accepted Samanta as daughter-in-law… there’s no way Akkineni family can debate on Shriya. In fact, Akhil’s age isn’t nowhere near to marriage. He is yet to settle in profession. His debut flick ‘Akhil’ bombed big time. When everyone is thinking about second film announcement, Akhil came up with engagement, girlfriend announcement.

At the just age of 23, what forced Akhil to put forward his love, engagement proposal before media and parents? This question says rest of the story. If sources are to be believed, Nagarjuna is apparently happy with Naga Chaitanya, Samanta alliance proposal but why Akhil pushed himself into wrong headlines is worrying him as a responsible father. Now, some might address this as misused freedom of expression.   

Had Akhil introduced Shriya to mom and dad sometime in future like 2020 or 2021 after attaining stardom, the deal could have been more respectfully justified. In India, the average marriage age for men is 26. In celebrity circles, it’s further high. Akhil’s age is still three more to reach the average age. All in all, Nagarjuna is unhappy not with Akhil’s choice but the time of declaration.

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