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Manchu Vishnu @ Historic Moment!

Published: Sat 25th Jun 2016 09:13 AM

Manchu Vishnu In London During The Brexit

Manchu Vishnu Is Bond 007 At Brexit
Manchu Vishnu Is Bond 007 At Brexit

Exit of British from European Union is one of the historical events which might have terrible impact on the concept of Global Economy. The British public has voted to leave the European Union in a referendum held on June 23rd. While some called it as British Independence, others who voted against leaving the EU are foreseeing a real doom in coming days. 

Telugu hero Manchu Vishnu was co-incidentally in London when the referendum was held. Like entire globe waited for the result, Vishnu too was excited and showed his comic sense. ‘I am here in London on this historic day! There is an electric environment here on Brexit! Looks like Britain is set to exit the EU. I came to London on 22nd and leaving now after bringing Britain out of EU and crashing the Pound. Mission accomplished. Now whatcha gonna do 007,’ Vishnu assumed himself as Bond.

Anyways, British is out of European Union providing an inspiration for more revolutions like Frexit (French Exit) and Italeave (Italy Leave) to shook the existence of EU. Just after the referendum result was out, it roiled the global markets including currencies of all the countries causing the British pound to fall to lowest level. Prime Minister David Cameron, announced to step down in October. Such are the dangerous repercussions with our Telugu Bond in English land!!!


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