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Kundanapu Bomma


Chandini Chowdary who made a sensational entry into the industry is recognized by her short films. Chandini Chowdary, Sudheer Varma, and Sudhakar Komakula as the main leads, the movie Kundanapu Bomma was directed by Vara Mullapudi. Under the production of K Raghavendra Rao, music is composed by MM Keeravani. Here is the review of the movie “Kundanapubomma” :


Suchi (the role played by Chandini Chowdary) is the only daughter of Mahadevaraju (role played by Naagineedu), who is considered a respectable person in a village near Vijayanagaram. Mahadevaraju decides to marry off his daughter to Gopi (Sudhakar). Gopi is brought up by Mahadevaraju ever since his childhood. Gopi who seems to be deeply in love with another girl from Hyderabad keeps silent, yet does not want to get married to Suchi. Suchi falls in love with Vasu (Sudheer Varma), who comes to repair the car at her home.  The twist in the story comes, when Gopi suddenly wants to get married to Suchi. Why did Gopi change his mind suddenly? What about Vasu-Suchi’s love? Go watch in the theaters..


Analysis :

Roles and performances:

Chandini Chowdary, who entertained us with her short films has appeared in the title role in this movie Kundanapu Bomma. Despite her charming face and beautiful looks, her acting needs a lot of improvement. Her action in sentimental scenes, where she had to cry, were mediocre. She failed to live up to the expectations. Sudheer Varma has done a fair job. He tried to justify his role well. Sudhakar who appeared in the negative shade stole the show. He was good at acting. Rajeev Kanakala and Naagineedu justified their roles well. Anchor Jhansi’s comedy was like a test for the viewer’s patience.

Technical Aspects:

Both the story and the narration has got nothing fresh to serve the audience. Nothing seems to have worked out well in the story narration. Director Vara Mullapudi failed to be up to the mark. Trying to copy the other directors, Vara failed to show anything fresh.

CineDhol Perspective :

It is a great disappointment for the viewers, who go to the theaters with an expectation as the title seems to be appealing. Clumsy narration, lack of clarity in the story are the major drawbacks. Do not go by the title, as the movie is in no way matching it.

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