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Dolly, One More Bobby!?

Pawan Kalyan’s selection of directors is always something special. He doesn’t care for the track record or values in script, technical aspects. What Pawan looks more for is a person with minimum knowledge and sincerity in handling a team and the main ability of dancing to his tunes; sources within film circles strongly believe so. 

At any point of time, Pawan can throw a director out at his will and wish if incompatibility is found. That’s his strong discretionary power many a times executed.

Reports say, Dolly entering into director’s seat of SJ Suryah for Pawan Kalyan’s next movie is strikingly similar to Bobby replacing Sampat Nandi on ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh.’ With nothing much worked out on script and Trivikram already bagging Pawan’s call sheets from December this year or early next year, director Dolly is struck in strange position with sharp knife hanging on his neck.

In this pressure cooker situation, Pawan Kalyan flying on a foreign trip is sure to invite further more troubles. By the time Pawan comes back, Dolly should be ready with script in order to take production forward. If he fails in impressing Power Star, it’s a U-turn and back to zero. 

Rather than giving creative freedom for director initially and curtailing later on, Pawan can sit with his team in locking the script. This not only saves the pre production time but also helps the direction department to have ample space for production and post production thus erasing the last minute mish-mash which generally happens for all the Pawan Kalyan films. Hope, Dolly realizes the certitude before things actually run out of his control.

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