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Best Interval Bang Than Tupaki!

Published: Wed 29th Jun 2016 05:09 PM

Mahesh Babu, Murugadoss Movie Interval Block

Murugadoss Extra Ordinary Interval For Mahesh Babu Movie
Murugadoss Extra Ordinary Interval For Mahesh Babu Movie

AR Murugadoss is definitely one of those directors who made Indian commercial cinema to redefine its elementary and technical values. His ‘Ghajini’ was a challenging film in South and North Indian film circuits which saw enormous success. Then Muruga became a renowned name in entire India thus bringing him many Bollywood opportunities too.  Currently, AR Murugadoss movie with Mahesh Babu is the most sensational project in pre production stages.

Though the news of this movie titled as ‘Vasco Da Gama’ is denied by Muruga himself officially, none of the team members are leaving any clues on what the subject is all about. However, reports suggest that Mahesh will have a complete makeover and will be essaying an action role which isn’t tried ever before.

For any commercial film, interval bang is considered utmost important. To quote an example, ‘Tupaki’ starring Vijay and Kajal Agarwal is rated as best interval block till date among Murugadoss films. To our information, the upcoming Mahesh Babu movie’s interval block will be more goose bumping than ‘Tupaki’ because Muruga conceived this block after tremendous research. Enough of these persuasive inputs from Kollywood, hope somebody from Murugadoss team will hint on the original subject.


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