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Bahubali Team horrifying of leakage scenes

Bahubali team worried for leakage scenes:

The most awaited movie of the Tollywood industry, baahubali 2 is now set to hit the screens next year 2017. The production has started and the team is working hard to make the climax scene more thrilling than the previous one. It is heard that this climax scene is the most complex and challenging shot of the entire production process.

Apart from these, the conclusion scene is expected to start today in Hyderabad. According to the sources an amount of 30 crores is expected as a token of investment in the movie especially for the climax sequence, for which the time period expected to shot, is over 3 weeks.

Bahubali Team worried for leakage scenes

This shoot in Hyderabad has created a lot of sensations and gossips, which is disturbing the movie schedule to some extent. But what more horrifying to the directors and producers is, if some fan or some other crew member leaks the climax scenes. This tension is been haunting them since the beginning of the shoot.

They are deeply worried, if anyone leaks the most important scenes of the movie. As we all remember, how the climax and beginning scenes of Kalakeya War sequence were been leaked and how the movie lost its popularity and targeted audience. And later on it was identified that the leak was done by the post production member.

And so Baahubali team is also tensed, if someone does this kind of mischief. Although the team is taking strict measures to arrest or stop any further leakages, it is advised to take super advanced steps to prevent the leakages.

As we can see the main crux of the movie clippings or let’s say the leaked images of the first half of the movie has already started building curiosity in the fans/ audience mind, people are setting high expectations for the main point in the movie, and so Rajamouli and his team is making sure, that the suspense be more thrilling and the wait for the movie must be worthy.

So the climax sequence they are working on is really going to make your wait worthy! Till then stay tuned for more updates and let us know in the comment section about what you feel about baahubali coming in 2017?

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