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Baahubali stays top above all Bollywood movies

rare seens in the film world! Though almost Bollywood movies are a dub of Telugu movies they  still get a huge fan following but Bahuballi has changed the status!Bahuballi was something very new concept to the film industry with a cast over 3 years and the most expensive film made in India till now! Baahubali ( the beginning)! Yes! People all over India  were going mad as a march hare for this movie before it could make its way to the theatre itself, and now it’s been a year bahuballi has  released and the craze is same , people are waiting earnestly for the Bahuballi part 2.

baahubali stays top above all bollywood movies

Not only Bahubali won the national award in best feature film category which is amply honourable but also it is considered to be the top movie to triumph over all Bollywood movies with a score of 84. Bahuballi even cast down movies such as Bajirao Mastani (score 74) , Bhajrangi Bhaijaan(score 77), and Tanu Weds manu(score 70) which did fairly well in Bollywood . And this movie was not only released in india but also all over the world! Yes! Seriously all over the world!

By translating this movie into every language possible but the original one was in telugu. Like bajirao mastani bahuballi too was an epic historical film but the beautiful vfx ,stupendous casting and not to forget prabhas  Rana Daggubati, Tamannaah and Anushka Shetty bought up this movie plethora following. And also ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’ trailer has knock block off 2.7 million hits on YouTube which within 24 hours which is simultaneously   more than Hrithik’s roshan  Krish 3 movie  that made 2 million hits in a day. Seriously nothing can beat down bahubali and bollywood need to learn a lesson that not only the khans can get the  favour all the time .

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