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Any Romantic Track in Nag Devotional?

Published: Thu 30th Jun 2016 08:18 AM

Will Nag Prefer Romance in His Devotional Film?

Nagarjuna Can't Romance in His Devotional?
Nagarjuna Can’t Romance in His Devotional?

King Nagarjuna’s devotional entertainers ‘Annamayya’ and ‘Sri Ramadasu’  stood as master pieces in the actor’s career. Both the films received well by the people from all sections. Apart from devotion, both the movies have romantic elements in them which attracted the youth considerably. 

Ramya Krishna and kasthuri acted as Nagarjuna’s wives in ‘Annamayya’ and the songs among these stars enchanted the audience. Similarly Sneha’s hot looks in ‘Sri Ramadasu’ can’t be forgotten by movie lovers. Unlike the above devotional flicks, Nag’s ‘Shirdi Sai’ was made as a complete devotional entertainer without any other elements. The movie got lukewarm response at the box office. 

As we know, Nagarjuna is doing the role of great devotee of lord Balaji ‘Hathiram Baba’ in ‘Om Namo Venkatesaya’. It remains to be seen whether the movie has any romantic track like ‘Annamayya’ and ‘Sri Ramadasu’ or devoid of all other elements except devotion as in the case of ‘Shirdi Sai’. Incidentally, Anushka will be seen as Sanyasini in this film. It should also be seen if her role gets designed as Sanyasini throughout the film or will she be seen in any other role in the film.


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