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An Attempt To Save Oka Manasu

Published: Sat 25th Jun 2016 10:25 AM

Oka Manasu Trimmed Version From Today

Oka Manasu Re-Edited by 14 Minutes
Oka Manasu Re-Edited by 14 Minutes

Receiving the invaluable inputs from critics and listening to the reports from common audience, producer Madhura Sreedhar Reddy and director Rama Raju have come to a conclusion. They have reportedly trimmed 14 minutes of ‘Oka Manasu’ in the first half making it a bit crisp. In fact, critics were so harsh at movie for having a thin story and improper screenplay with repetitive scenes and dialogues.

Although pre climax, climax and last 30 minutes in ‘Oka Manasu’ are a heartwarming experience yet makers would have taken proper care before taking final copy of first half out. ‘Oka Manasu’ re-editing should do quite a big favor.

The poetically, slowly and pleasingly narrated ‘Oka Manasu’ stood tall on awesome camera work, soothing music, stellar performances from artists, pinching climax and philosophical dialogues. We need to wait and see; how far the above advantages in film will dominate the main drawback of slowness in this chopped version?


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