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A..Aa: Inspiration for Old Films Remakes

Published: Tue 21st Jun 2016 08:22 PM

Old Films with Great Content Shall Be Remade

Trivikram Inspiring Filmmakers for Old Films Remakes
Trivikram Inspiring Filmmakers for Old Films Remakes

Initially Trivikram faced ire of the critics on the plagiarism charges of his latest venture ‘A..Aa’. Afterwards, Trivikram clarified that he had approached the original version of the film ‘Meena’s writer Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani before making ‘A..Aa’. As such the controversy of ‘A..Aa’ was ended.

‘A..Aa’, is now under the scrutiny of the movie analysts for different reasons. Telugu industry’s 85 years of history witnessed many great films with outstanding contents. If at all movies of 50s and 60s are remade with brand new style and the trade mark of the directors, they will get runaway success. ‘Meena’ is actually a TV serial kind of story for the audiences of present day generation. But the wizard of words, Trivikram made a trick with his dialogues thus made the movie a magical hit.

TFI also witnessed movies of all genres such as folklore entertainers, historical films and suspense thrillers. Then heroes riding toy horses in studios might not give enough kick to present day audience. Imagine if heroes do real adventures acquiring all skills such as horse rides, sword fights and stick fights. The movie will definitely be a visual extravaganza with great visuals and ultimate heroism.

Although directors like Rajamouli are making movies like ‘Baahubali’, more of such movies must be made with better heroism. Audience are eagerly waiting for larger than life cinemas in big numbers. Also they wish to watch James Bond, Cowboy and adventurous thrillers. We have good number of heroes with wider market range to do such films. Wish that ‘A..Aa’ becomes a trendsetter for many filmmakers to think about remaking old films officially.


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