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Rajamouli Still Weak in That Area?

Published: Sat 01st Oct 2016 08:35 PM

Wanted Those Directors!

Rajamouli the Best Dreamer
Rajamouli the Best Dreamer

Ace director Rajamouli happens to be one of the best dreamers of Tollywood and has been greatly succeeded in visualizing those dreams as celluloid wonders. In this connection, he has made use of visual effects extensively in his latest offings. 

Although the director was strong at handling a script and making VFX department to do its best, the director has no that good command on VFX. Well, this is obvious. In such a way, the VFX experts revealed the technical aspects of the film in yesterday’s press meet in addition to the director’s revelations.

But then, how about a director, himself, having an outstanding skill in VFX? Tollywood is desperately in need of those directors who should be the best dreamers like Rajamouli and should be skilled in VFX department to minimize the making charges of a film to an astonishing low prices. Likely, those technicians come into the picture soon.


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