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Dhruva: What Does S Stand for?

Published: Fri 14th Oct 2016 06:14 AM

What does ‘S’ Mean in Dhruva Teaser?

Letter S Leads Discussions on Dhruva Teaser
Letter S Leads Discussions on Dhruva Teaser

One interesting scene in Mega power Star Ram Charan’s ‘Dhruva’s teaser has led to interesting discussions among movie buffs. Ram Charan looks into an English letter ‘S’. In another scene he says he got his enemy fixed to show his capacity. 

As we are not aware of how the symbol ‘S’ connects to the story of the film, the importance of ‘S’ letter cannont be predicted at the moment. However, some of the netigens started creating their own stories based on the pic shown above.

According to them, ‘S’ stands for a blockbuster movie hit screens recent times. The records created by ‘S’ film at the box office was set as the enemy by Ram Charan to show his capacity. 

“Dhruva’s range cannot be assumed at this moment. If at all, the movie carries positive talk, the film will cross previous blockbusters with a huge margin, except Baahubali,” opine trade people.


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